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iRock Fitness offers group fitness classes for youth ages 9 - 15 years with unlimited monthly or packages from 5 - 25 classes available. Free gym bag included with class. All fitness levels are welcome!

Whether you're a coach looking for some team training or you're a parent trying to increase your kid's fitness level, the experienced trainers at iRock Fitness can surely provide the quality training for whatever your needs may be. 

Recruits: Ages 9 - 11

Recruit classes will expose the participants to a broad range of non-specific, full body exercises designed to stimulate the muscles. In this stage, we will focus on creating physical and neurological adaptations that will improve body awareness, agility, strength and overall fitness level. 

Classes are Monday-Wednesday 4:30pm, Tuesday-Thursday 5:00pm, Saturday 10:00am

All-Stars: Ages 12 - 15

All-Stars focus on proper form and execution of isolated movements that are designed to build strength and coordination. These classes are built to teach its participants the fundamentals of exercise and the creation of safe and effective workout routines. 

Classes are Monday-Wednesday 5:30pm, Tuesday-Thursday 4:00pm, Saturday 11:00am

Individual Training

Individual training is designed to benefit both athletes and non-athletes by exposing and addressing deficits in their fitness level or skill set. This one-on-one, hands-on coaching provides us the opportunity to increase the level of confidence for the individual. Our sports performance program is designed to hone in on the athlete's skill set specific to their sport. 

Areas of training include:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Core Stability
  • Jump Training
  • Strength Training

Individual Training is available Monday - Saturday by appointment.

Small Group Training

This program is designed for groups of 2-9 athletes who want to supplement their current routines with additional sport specific training. The program does not limit the group to a specific sport.

Small Group Training is available Monday thru Saturday by appointment.

Team Training

Attention Coaches! Team training is available upon request. Contact Anthony at (814)323-6262. Areas of training include: Speed, Agility, Strength and Cardio Endurance. 

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