Custom Workouts at iRock Fitness in Erie, PA

Custom workouts - iRock Fitness in Erie, PA



iRock Fitness has classes for all fitness levels and goals.  Our unique workouts are the secret to our members' fitness success. Each class uses high-intensity style movements to give you a total body workout, mixing cardio and strength training each and every time.

iRock uses equipment like TRX suspension straps, kettlebells, body bars, row and bike machines, and workout steps to rock your body to its core! Each workout is different and incorporates a variety of moves for a powerful hour-long, body-rocking workout! If you have more questions about our iRock workouts, feel free to contact our team of certified trainers to answer your questions and get started with a session today.


Bring your fitness to a whole new level. Become a member at iRock Fitness in Erie, PA today!