Group Class Descriptions | iRock Fitness in Erie, PA

Group fitness class at iRock Fitness in Erie, PA.

The certified group fitness instructors at iRock Fitness in Erie, PA bring fun and excitement into exercise while also challenging you to push yourself over the edge. With an emphasis on TRX Suspension Training and kettlebells, our full body workouts will enable you to burn 600-1,000 calories per session!

At iRock Fitness, we will help you achieve your fitness goals whether you're a fitness expert or you've never worked out before. We have a variety of different styles of group fitness classes available with various times throughout the week.



All Fitness Levels Welcome

Body Sculpting
Chisel those hard-to-train areas and experience unprecedented results. Work your upper and lower body, strengthen the sides of your waist and lower back and change the way you think about fitness.
Cardio Blitz
On busy days, the 30 minute blitz is the best way to squeeze in optimal calorie burn. We dare you to make this class your warm up!
Intro Training
Learn the basics in an exciting and uplifting atmosphere. Our certified trainers will take you through all of the fundamental iRock exercises, teach you how to use the TRX Suspension Trainer, and prepare you for workouts that will change your life!

Intermediate Classes

Circuit Training
Bored of the same old workout routine? This class is for you! Blast fat, sculpt muscle, and burn up to 10 calories per minute as you move through exercises you can find only at iRock Fitness in Erie, PA.
H.I.I.T. Abs
Keep your heart pumping with this amazing high intensity workout that fuses serious conditioning for those all-important core muscle groups.
MX Cardio
MX Strength

Advanced Fitness Classes

Boot Camp
And now, the results you've been waiting for. Kick it into high gear with this high intensity circuit. Come ready to sweat!
Cardio Endurance
Reach maximum heart rate levels as you pedal, step, jump and row your way to your fitness and weight loss goals.

Bored with your workout routine? Get in on the fun and become a member at iRock Fitness in Erie, PA.